Top Gold Coast Fishing Spots

The best fishing spots on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is renowned as Australia’s playground with its theme parks, beaches and dining scene, but there is also plenty of fishing to experience.  Here are some of our favourite fishing locations on the Gold Coast.

  1. Tippler’s passage, South Stradbroke lsland: Great for flathead, bream and whiting.
  2. Crusoe Island: A great spot for bream.
  3. Pine Lake, Elanora: Yellowtail, kingfish, bream, trevally and flathead.
  4. Paradise Point Foreshore, Paradise Point: Perfect for kids:
  5. The Broadwater Parklands Jetty: At night there are plenty of squid and tailor.
  6. Deep Hole, The Broadwater: Deep hole is great for early morning high-tide for tailor, but it’s also great for bream at night and even trevally.
  7. Sand Pumping Jetty, The Seaway: Fish for tailor throughout the winter, while the lead-up to summer is a great time for flathead, dart, bream, whiting and even jewfish.
  8. Jumpinpin, North/South Straddie: Big jewfish, giant trevally, oversized flathead.
  9. Tweed River: Jewfish, kingfish, bream and flathead. Mangrove jack can be found around the bridges and rock walls, while there’s excellent flathead fishing on the banks and weeded areas.
  10. The Seaway: The Seaway is brimming with variety — yellowtail, kingfish, jewfish, whitehead, flathead but the variety is endless. A fisherman’s paradise!

But if you want the best of the fishing spots, combined with local knowledge and know how, check out our Gold Coast Fishing Charters!

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