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April 2, 2019

Imagine this. You are on a great boat or a pristine beach with your team. Everyone is holding a fishing rod. Some have tried fishing a few times, others, never. You’re holding a nice glass of whiskey and the ice is making a delicious sound. Or, you’re trying your first glass of fine Australian red for the day and you spy the canapés coming towards you. The smell of the seafood bbq is filling the air with familiar smells and you can’t wait to taste that char-grilled fish and crab off the grill.

The sashimi chef is carefully slicing a fresh catch and passing around the finely sliced fare, encouraging you to dip deep into the soy, garlic and wasabi mix.

Someone in your team lets out a ‘whoop’ and everyone hurries over to see what this person has on his line. Is it a tuna, a barramundi, a whiting or a cod? It doesn’t matter because everyone is just happy to watch the show, the show of catching a fish.

The day ends with a sunset, the drinks are flowing, the team is energised and it is declared the best day ever. And what has this really achieved? A level playing field, a chance to let down your guard, to be one of the team and to accept this reward for a job well done. And the most surprising thing? The women always catch more fish than the men!

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