Fishing Just Got Serious

April 15, 2019

Did you know there are more fishing rods sold in Australia each year than there are push bikes?

To fully understand the fishing tourist, there are many categories which need to be understood from the outset. Not every person who likes to fish wants the same outcome, and not every person who likes to fish wants the same experience.

For instance, some fish for pleasure and others for sport. Some treat fishing as a hobby where for others, it is an obsession. Like any sport, there are varying levels of knowledge, expertise and participation.

The same can be said for the accommodation selected by the fishing traveller. In most cases, a fishing destination is chosen based on the species they wish to target. Secondary to that is the budget allocated to accommodation. Don’t be fooled, a person of wealth may enjoy a small cabin on a beach considered budget, yet a middle-income traveller may opt to use a month’s salary for a bucket-list experience. If towing a boat, accommodation is selected based the property’s must-haves, such as onsite boat- washing facilities and filleting tables.

Go Fish gets it.

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