When Your Team Represent Your Brand

May 22, 2019

The team, the crew, the staff, the gang, whatever the label, they represent your business. And selecting industry partners is just as important as selecting your brand manager, it’s same-same. They are in front of your clients, the first face they see, the first impression a client has of your business. So how do you find the right mix of skills, personality and attitude? Very slowly and very carefully.

There is a saying, no matter what your university degree, your background or your experience, if you have the right attitude and the right energy, you’re probably the right person for the job. Our brand is luxury fishing, but fishing has a reputation for being a dirty, muddy, bloody experience and, it’s usually cold. So how do our team change this perception?

They are passionate about what they do, they are invested in the success of the business and, they dress to impress. Yes, even a fishing guide must be well-presented. A clean uniform, a happy face and a willingness to provide our clients with the best experience possible is all it takes. From our caterers to our helicopter pilots, everyone presents a professional face to the clients and that’s what makes a great team and ultimately, a great business. Trust them to represent your business and invest in their success.

Ange Esdaile, Director, Go Fish Australia

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